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Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

Xellos is a bitch to play so any helpful crit at all would be a blessing from on high, I kid you not.

IP logging is off, all comments are screened.

And if they aren't message me and tell me how to fix it how do I internet I don't even


OOC: Permissions post

PERMISSIONS POST! Da da da daaaaa!

So, essentially.... Xellos is a stalker. Yes. That's right. He stalks people of interest and keeps tabs on what they are doing, when they are doing it, and if it involves him/involves something he can screw up. He can be there usually without anyone knowing he is there, and typically won't let on that he's totally, totally watching you until you figure it out on your own.

Just ask Lina.

He can also track people via emotional auras/magical auras. Again, just ask Lina. There's a reason Xellos is so damn good with finding her ass all the time.

In any case, if you want this creeper keeping tags on you, post it here! With:

Name: (Your characters name)
Things that might be of interest to Xellos: (Duh)
Things that you'd like him to keep his nose out of: (Also duh)
Permission to Track?: y/n?


You know. Because everyone else is doing it.


♥: Enjoys being around or feeding off of. This is usually not a good thing, but at the very least it means that a monster isn't out to kill you. Just make your life more entertaining. The more hearts, the more he enjoys hanging around this character

♠: Dislikes. Yes, this can even be paired with a heart. He can still get his meal off of a person he hates. However, this typically means that Xellos is somewhat more inclined towards bodily harm, and would usually prefer this person to leave him very well alone. The more spades, the more he dislikes the person. If this is paired with more than one heart and more than one spade, this person is in for a very, very rough road.

☼: Ally or person he could possibly rely on later. This changes very, very often, depending on what he has in mind. For now, the ally status is pretty stable, though the person in mind might have no idea he thinks of them as such. This does not always mean that he will feed off this person though. It has nothing to do with something like respect or morals. They might just have some really shit tasting emotions.

?: He's not entirely sure yet. Whether he hasn't spent enough time talking to this person or hovering near this person to tell, or if they're just that hard for him to read. He can't trust them, he doesn't hate them, but he certainly doesn't like them either.

Lina: ♥x like, a million. Plus one. And maybe two ♠. Rabu, Lina.

[[If I'm missing someone, feel free to post it here!]]


1st Secret [written/action]

[If there is anyone who hates being poorly informed, out of the loop and left in the dark more than anything in the world, it's Xellos. Which is exactly what he is right now, so believe it or not, yes he is a touch cross. Actually, he's very cross, and was he a man monster of any less fortitude, he'd have taken it upon himself to rampage around town in a most violent and intimidating manner, threatening all the good innocent folks and making small children cry until someone spits out just what the blue fuck he's doing here.

As it is, the closest Xellos is getting to rampaging is...

okay, maybe he's just going to get up and think this over like a logical person. Rampaging is for dragons. Needless to say, he's found his nifty little book, summoned up his clothes (though his staff and satchel seem to have gotten themselves lost), and has quickly deduced that, at the very least, the book seems to act as some kind of... communication. What with all the correspondence going on in it. May as well give it a go.


[In some strange mixture of a dyslexic scrawl and elegant script. At least it is legible]

I'm afraid I have gotten myself turned around.

[And bewinged]

Might I ask, where is here?

[At least he found the town. If anyone is near to the fountain today, there's a rather pleasant looking young man sitting on the edge of it, half paying attention to the book, half fiddling around with the still sore little wings on his back.

Seriously what the hell

4th wall!

[He's not going to be accosted by a starfish this year, is he?]

I'm starting to sense a pattern here.

Any familiar faces this time?

39th [voice]

[It's been two weeks, right? There and about, right? Technically, he should have been very well zapped...

Oh no, he's been timing this. Just right.... Launch in five... four... three... two-]

Oh Miss Filia!


[So, Discedo. What sound does a bow and arrow make? Twang, you say? Or a thunk, for those of you who find yourself clever?

That's the sound sissy arrows make. That's an arrow?]


[No bitches. That's an arrow. Christmas came early this year and Evil!Santa has deemed someone has been a very naughty creeper. Once again, the poor forest will be terrorized as he tests his brand spankin' new toy out]

Miss Lina! If you're out from under Miss Filias bed now, you should probably go out and explore a bit. You might find something useful~

[[ooc: WHEE. And yes, it's been powered down. No destroyed villages or holes in the atmosphere. Though that tree will be forever mourned by all its loving tree friends and family]]

36th post [open log/action]

[So all y'all gonna have a shootout huh? Well then, he needs to find a nice place to watch this. Where he won't be getting shot, preferably. He doesn't want to test this whole lack of powers thing, who knows if they took the whole 'invulnerability' thing- Oh right. He knows, because he just had to find out.

So after applying the necessary bandage to his hand, he mercifully appears to have left Lina and Filia alone for the time being, and excused himself outside... to see if City Hall's clock tower has any good points for overlooking the general area. Well... An apartment is only so good for the panoramic view, and he's pretty sure he can still be spotted and shot at rather nicely from the roof there. And why bother going out at all, if he's so worried about getting his head blown off?


Well, it's not really a worry, more as a 'concern to bear in mind'. And bearing that in mind, he's taking the more scenic route. If you like alleyways and cloistered little shortcuts. He might be just a little more guarded then usual, so... watch your head if you feel like sneaking up on him.

Might be a good idea]

35th [voice]

Well, things certainly picked up pretty quickly here, didn't they?

[And someone sounds completely and utterly annoyed. Guess who became immediately aware that he has no awesome magic skillz anymore?

Fuck you, Discedo]

Explosions and random attacks. Couldn't really ask for better timing either. Wonderful.

[Not that he's been jumped yet. He'll tell y'all when he cares more, for now, he'll be at the apartment.]

So other than the fish market, what is the damage count now?

34th [voice]

[... crunchcrunchcrunch....

Sounds like an attack of the munchies here. There's a rustle, and then some more munching... Was this an accidental post? It has to be the worlds most boring accidental post on the planet, getting a front row seat to snack time, oh bo-]

... Well, it's about time you woke up, Miss Lina.

[... Well, we retract that previous statement and hope the people above room 305 in Latimir weren't trying to concentrate on anything important. You might want to prepare your earplugs]

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